Blood test capabilities

VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer

We are thrilled to announce that our clinic has upgraded its blood test capabilities with the advanced VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer! 🐾✨

VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer

VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer

This state-of-the-art veterinary hematology analyzer is designed to make a real difference in our diagnostic procedures. With its user-friendly interface and impressive speed, we can now obtain a comprehensive, 5-part CBC differential with 22 parameters in less than 4 minutes! ⏱️🔍

The VETSCAN HM5 utilizes highly-reproducible impedance technology, ensuring accurate and reliable results for our furry patients. It caters to a wide range of species, supporting a total of 15 different animal types. 🐶🐱🐰

One of the standout features of this cutting-edge machine is its ability to provide direct eosinophil counts, which can be a game-changer in diagnosing allergies and parasitic conditions right at the point of care. 💪🌿

At our clinic, we strive to deliver top-notch veterinary care, and this upgrade allows us to enhance our diagnostics and provide even more efficient and effective treatment plans for your beloved pets. 🏥💙

Come visit us and experience the benefits of our newly upgraded blood test capabilities firsthand. Your furry friends deserve the best! 🐾❤️

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