Comfortable Accommodations

Basic hotel stays for your beloved dogs and cats!

At Layan Vet Clinic, we understand that your pets deserve the best care, even when you're away. That's why we're offering basic hotel stays for your beloved dogs and cats.

Basic hotel stays for your beloved dogs and cats!

Whether you're going on vacation or have a busy schedule, rest assured knowing that your furry companions will be in safe and loving hands by offering:

Comfortable Accommodations 🐶🏨

Our spacious and clean facilities are designed to make your pets feel at home. Each dog or cat will have their own dedicated space, ensuring their privacy and comfort throughout their stay.

Trained Staff 🏥👨‍⚕️

Our team of dedicated professionals includes experienced veterinarians and animal care experts. They will provide round-the-clock attention, ensuring your pets' health and happiness during their time with us.

Playtime and Exercise 🐱😺

We believe in keeping your pets active and entertained. They'll enjoy supervised play sessions and regular exercise to keep their tails wagging and spirits high.

Nutritious Meals 🥘🍗

We understand the importance of a balanced diet. Our caring staff will provide wholesome meals tailored to your pets' dietary needs. Rest assured that their tummies will be well taken care of!

Socialization Opportunities👫🐶🐱

Your pets will have the chance to interact with other furry guests under close supervision. It's a great opportunity for socialization, making new friends, and having a paws-itively good time!

VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer

07 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our clinic has upgraded its blood test capabilities with the advanced VETSCAN® HM5 Hematology Analyzer!

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